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Holiday camp 1940's England
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How to Run for Election Morgan Goodwin  Nov 4, 2016

Frank Baumgardner, historian.Blood Will Tell, Divying up California from DeAnza to Jasper O'Farrell. 6/5/2015

River Otters Megan

Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde Zmanim: Nature-Connected,
Spiritual Jewish Community 3-10-17

Cottage Food Operations Judith Van Soelen, Aug 7 2015

Sue Berkowitz Legal Justice, friend of Rev Pinckney, slain pastor in So. Carolina.

Brett Lear Sonoma County Library Director 1 1/2 years. What's changed?

Andy Powell,
leader of Wishbone Ash British prog-rock group of the 70's
Musicians Interviews



Dave Davies- The Kinks
Lead guitarist seminal British rock band

Al Stewart British singer/songwriter Year of the Cat

Eddie Money Multi-platimum American singer Dec 9, 2009

Richard Thompson British rock legend

Esperanza Spalding Grammy awarded jazz bassist.singer 9-30-11

John Renborn British rock guitarist Pentangle April, 2010

Peter 'Dougal' Butler 8-17-12 Drummer and musician with The Who.Over the Moon, his book about Keith Moon of the Who.

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks 2013 interview
Local Issues MORE >>     MORE >>  

1st Brett Lear, new Sonoma County Library Director   April 2015
2nd December 2015 What Changes, library organization

Buckeye Ancient skills annual gathering
Buckeye Paleolithic
Ancient skills
www.Buckeye Gathering

2nd Open Book Challenging stereotypes thorugh dialogue, Sonoma County Library Sept. 20, 2015
1st Open Book June

Caryl Hart Sonoma Co Parks Chief April, 2015 UPDATE IRON RANGERS.
SEbastopol Enterpreneurs Project
Seb Entrepreners
Opportunities local business start-ups
Kids and Drugs, Sebastopol Police Chief Weaver and officer Edney
Sebastopol Chief Weaver
,Sgt Edney Kids and drugs
Curtis Byrd Sonoma County Race Relations report card NAACP
Curtis Byrd
Sonoma Co NAACP report card on race Dec 5, 2015

USDS Jane Nielsen, Sonoma County water study
USGS Santa Rosa Rain Water Study,Jane Neilson

Politics   MORE >>     MORE >>  

Marc Levine California 10 district Assemblyperson CIVICS CAMP, government, drought
Layla Marzouk, Arab Spring
Layla Marzouk Tahrir Square Arab Spring
George Galloway renegade British M.P.
George Galloway - Renegade British M.P.
Eleanor Smeal - N.O.W.
Eleanor Smeal-NOW chairperson 3-23-12
Jody Evans Code Pink
Jody Evans co-founder of Code Pink
Muscians - Live in the Studio >>MORE       >>MORE  
Accordion Babes
Accordion Babes Revue:

Sweet Penny Royals &
Circus Finelli live!
Youkali: Roxanne Oliva, Dan Kahane & Josh Fossgreen
Terest Tudury
Teresa Tudury
.Pirate Radio in England, Part 1 June 24, 2009

The Thugz
Tribal Hippie Under Ground Zone
West County's beloved band - live in the studio playing originals, classics and dead jams. August 15, 2014.

Roxanne Oliva- Accordionist, performing live & an interview in KOWS studio 6-18-2010

Elizabeth Boaz, singer songwriter. Sept 11, 2015

Media/Authors/Poetry/Art/Film >>MORE       >>MORE  
Back to the Garden
Back to the Garden
, a play Kevin Tomlinson, Judy Kaplan
Marx Peace. Stories by Arnold Levine
Arnold Levine writings and stories
Carol Setterlund
Carol Setterlund artist,sculptor - Sebastopol Library Show
Waddie Mitchell, cowboy poet interview
Waddie Mitchell
Waddie Mitchell - Cowboy Poet

Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Poet Laureat, Sonoma County Feb. 4, 2016

Live Radio Theater >>MORE       >>MORE  

pizza pie Pizza-a live radio play by Michele Linfante, directed by Dianne Timberman,sound effects & music by Arnoldo 6-8-14

AmericanDreamPlayers RadioDrama fracking 2-20-15
Environment >>MORE       >>MORE  

Els Cooperrider and Ted Williams on Forest Fire danger in Mendocino County

Arline Kilpatrick, A Quieter Future conference Augusus 7, 2015

Sonoma County Roundup and Glyphosate Impacts Discussion at the Sebastopol Grange 1-29-16.

Ethnic • Religion • Supernatural• Health >>MORE       >>MORE  

Louise Mita TAO ENERGY, Aug 28  2015

Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde Zmanim: Nature-Connected,
Spiritual Jewish Community 3-10-17

Ray Cooper - VegCurious 2-10-17 from Tommy's Holiday Camp on Vimeo.

Public Safety • Animal Rights MORE>>       >>MORE  

HolLynn D'Lil author of REAL PEOPLE, and disability rights activist Sept 4, 2015

Bengal Tiger
Anthony Marr
April 9, 2010. Wildlife activist philosopher and scientist. On a countrywide tour to save the Bengal Tiger and other large mammals
Wild Horse Rescue
Makendra Silverman  Cloud Foundation. Wild Horse Rescue, Colorado.10-23-09 1hr 17 min

STOP Crush
Randi Susan Klein - Discussing the Supreme Court's decision to legalize "Crush videos",depict torture,maiming, killing animals. 5-7-10
Marla Patty - Leader in the campaign to ban "Crush videos"
Q: What is a Holiday Camp?
A: In 1945, at the end of the Second World War in Britain, there were a huge number of families reunited at last with their soldier husband/father after up to six years of fighting. In America the returning G.I.'s were regaled with the G.I. Bill which gave them education and homes. In war-devastated and bankrupt Britain, the returning Tommy's (British soldiers), got Holiday Camps and The National Health System.
These collective 2-week-a-year vacation spots were first opened along the British coast using converted war-time army barracks by enterprising companies like Butlins & Pontins. Once in the holiday camp all amenities were free such as food, amusements and baby-sitting. (The baby boom started somewhere!). Imagine Club Med in pre-fall East Germany. My family went to Butlins in Skegness for their first holiday.

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