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KOWS LP Radio. Occidental and West Sonoma County. Tune in Fridays 7-9 pm.Your DJ: Arnold Levine.


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Pirate studio set up at Joe Strummer (the Clash) squat

The Scrapbook:
News articles}Documents/interviews}Posters

Here you will find an assortment of photos, posters, newspaper articles and other memorabalia from the days of PIRATE RADIO IN ENGLAND. Click on an image for a larger view in pdf or html.
Front Page, Melody Maker Melody Maker Pirate article Mar. 15, 1975p.22 London Evening news articl. Radio Pirates on wrong wave length London Evening News
Front Page Melody Maker. Mar. 15, 1975. The Secret Show.Front, Melody Maker article.Mar. 15, 1975 p. 18, p. 22. London Evening News.May 21,1975 Radio Pirates on the Wrong Wave Length.
London Evening News May 21, 1975 The Secret Show. Pirate Radio. This picture of the broadcast from MELODY MAKER March 15, 1975,p. 22, was taken at 101 Elgin Avenue, the squatting home of Joe Strummer of The Clash just before he made it big. His squatters band at the time was called the 101'ers named after their address. Joe gave me his cassette copy of The Clash's first album fresh from the studio, so I became the first person in the world to broadcast the Clash. Arnold is holding the transmitter, Jean Luc is up the ladder.
Daily Mail London Observer Court win for radio Jackie London Guardian article.
London Daily Mail Pirates have a field day. Pirate Radio police raid - April 20, 1975 Radio Jackie wins in court   London Guardian. Pirate Court Airing


Letter to Marshall Steward Marshall Stewart reply to letter Release our equipment doc. What is Radio Concord? Street Sheet Teresa Tudury talks to Arnold about his experiences with pirate radio in England in the 1970's. Two parts. BELOW
letter from Radio Concord staff to London Broadcasting Editor-in-chief.May 7, 1975 reply to El Supremo at Radio Concord from Editor in Chief, London Broadcasting Co.Marshall Stewart. Letter demanding release of Radio Concord Equipment April 3, 1975 Memeography street sheet: What is Radio Concord? Teresa Tudury.Part 1.
June 24, 2009.
Teresa Tudury.Pirate Radio in England, Part 2. 32 MB download
Invitation to Radio Concord DJs for radio Concord Radio Concord News Easy 85 street sheet  
Invitation to Radio Concord DJs for Radio Concord Radio Concord memeographed News. April 14, street sheet. Easy 85  

Posters, Adverts, Memorabalia

Windsor Free Festival Poster Dynamite Windsor fest will proceed! Never too Old to Rock and Roll  
3rd Windsor Free International Peoples Festival. Aug.24,1974 Dynamite radio every Sunday. Poster advertising pirate radio.   Graham Barnes, Radio Concords engineer and DJ. AKA King Kong. Started RAdio Aphrodite before joining Concord.  
Fined for piracy Magistrates receipt for fine. Envelope Radio Concord Medium Wave Poster  
Magistrates court fine Jan. 20, 1975 Magistrates court receipt for fine. An envelope Radio Concord Poster  
This Melody Maker photo was taken at a flat off the Balls Pond Road in Islington.
In picture, Arnold, Graham & Keith. The hand belongs to MM reporter Brian Harrigan.
Featured Original
Windsor - London - Free Festival 1974
Levine Family
Above:First meeting of the Free Radio Association. People in picture: L-R Keith Hunter. Unkn. Simon, Mrs. Don Stevens, unkn., Arnold. Obscured behind L-R Unkn., Mick Lewis.
Radio Concord convened a meeting of many of the large & small pirate stations in London to work together for broadcast freedom and also to synchronize broadcasts between stations.
Levine family home
Arnold Levine & Graham Barnes standing outside Clerkenwell Magistrates Court after the pirate radio trial.
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