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KOWS LP Radio. Occidental and West Sonoma County.
Tune in Fridays 7-9 pm.Your DJ: Arnold Levine.

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Take a look at ARCHIVED news articles, posters, letters and other memorabalia about Pirate Radio in the early 1970's
Hubbub Club invades KOWs radio to celebrate new studio space!

Hope Bohanec
  Compasionate Eating.Vegfest,
August 8, 2014

Jenna Brager. Sonoma County Activist. 18 mins 37 secs local fibers and dyes
Rebecca Burgess
Project Fibershed, how to live with local fibers and dyes July 8, 2011
Patty Clary of Californians for Alternatives to Toxics 5-3-13 solar panels Post Carbon Julian Darley. Director of the Post Carbon Institute Eric Davidson President, Woods Hole Research Center MA - Effect of Sequestration on research 6-5-13

Arline Kilpatrick, A Quieter Future Conference.August 7, 2015
Buckeye Gathering: Paleotechnics & Ancestral Arts with Rusty, Tamara, Velton & Jay 4-13-12 Steve Goodall of Someplace With a Mountain a documentary about ocean level rise. Tammy Gosnell
9/20/13 Fukushima & Sound healing music.
Dry farming
Terry Harrison & David Little
- Dry Farming. July 9, 2010 49 mins.
Alexis Karolides: A Principal of the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado on Conservation, Sustainability, Greenwashing and Nuclear energy. 3-11-11
Save the Frogs
Kerry Kriger of Save the Frogs!
Frank Locantore-: Director of the Better Paper Project with Green America. The Truth about Paper 9-10-10 Guive Mirfenderski Dangers of Artificial Turf 1-16-15 Trash in the ocean?
Captain Charles Moore
Algalita Foundation - Discovered the Pacific Garage Patch. Jan. 29, 2010 2 Hours
Diane Nelmark - Town Clerk Embarrass Minnesota, the coldest place in the United States Feb. 27, 2013 Jane Neilson 2010 Sonoma County Environmentalist of the Year talking on Sonoma County Water Issues. March 26, 2010.1 hr 5 mins.
Brent Plater, Wild Equity Institute. on Bay Area Environmental battles - February 22, 2013 Joseph Rotstein- Paleontology 6-1-12 Mushroom and state parks
David Rust
President California Bay Area Mycological Society. Discussion about State Park closures.
Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Slow the FlowFilmaker of "Slow the Flow" about Storm and Rainwater Retention Practices. 3-4-11
1 hour 5 minutes.
Paula Shatkin - Gravenstein Apple Festival and the Slow Food Movement.July 24, 2009 Harvey Wasserman Nuclear gadfly, coined "No NUkes" in 1973. Talks on Japan disaster and nuclear energy.3-18-11
Dr.Laura Watt Of Sonoma State University 9-27-13 Pt Reyes National Seashore Suzanne York
Institute for Population Studies: 2-15-13
Hayley Zemel- Califoria King Tides Live concert in KOWS studio 57 mb 1 + hours
Initiative Jan. 3, 2014
Joe Donnelly Lone Wolf 10/11/2013

Caryl Hart Sonoma Co Parks Chief April, 2015 UPDATE IRON RANGERS.
Caryl Hart 2012 interview Sonoma County Parks head.

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