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KOWS LP Radio. Occidental and West Sonoma County.
Tune in Fridays 7-9 pm.Your DJ: Arnold Levine.

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Take a look at ARCHIVED news articles, posters, letters and other memorabalia about Pirate Radio in the early 1970's
Hubbub Club invades KOWs radio to celebrate new studio space!

Beau Bergstrom SRJC Women's Rugby Team Coach 5-10-13
1st Prejudice - OPEN BOOK June 2015 Sonoma County Library & KOWS radio forums

2nd Open Book Challenging stereotypes thorugh dialogue, Sonoma County Library Sept. 20, 2015
1st Open Book June
Craig Harrison Save our Sonoma Roads October 18, 2013 Horses Building Community - Vets with PTSD & Horses 11-15-13
River Otters Megan
Jen Julius  March 1 2013 Magick Sonoma County Politics  12-17-2010
30 mins.
Nica Poznanovich Santa Rosa Community Market move into Sebastopol1 2-7-12 Sabel Regalia, Sabel Regalia, Sprial Foods Cooperative 12-16-11 Sturgeon's Mill  Cami Weaver CEO of Becoming Independent which provides job, education & support services for people with disabilities.Speaking on the current budget cut-back crisis and loss of jobs and programs. May 7, 2010 20 mins.

Brett Lear, Sonoma County libraries director:
April 2014

December 2015

Sir William - Jousting and ancient warrior arts.July 24, 2009 SEbastopol Enterpreneurs Project
Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project Kathleen Shaffer & Bill Takacs 8-11-11 New small business incubator.Opportunities local business start-ups
Sebastopol's SDAT Presentation with Paul Fritz
Watertrough Children's Alliance fighting Apples to grapes conversion near 5 schools 5-31-13 USGS Santa Rosa Plain USGS Groundwater study presentation with commentary by Jane Neilson, Geologist 7-12-2013
90 MB
USGS Groundwater study presentation -Public comment on report-7-11-13
Kids and Drugs, Sebastopol Police Chief Weaver and officer Edney
Sebastopol Chief Weaver
,Sgt Edney Kids and drugs

Steamy Sonoma: Erotic Literary Soiree 8-3-13 - Jennie Orvino and Remi Newman

Santa Rosa Butter and Jam Roller Derby Queens 6-14-13
Cottage Food Operations Judith Van Soelen, Aug 7 2015

Caryl Hart Sonoma Co Parks Chief April, 2015 UPDATE IRON RANGERS.

Hope Bohanek vegan activist speaks about 1st Sonoma Count VegFest August 2015

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